Geothermal Plant in BC continues to explore land

Geothermal Plant in BC continues to explore land

The Cerro Prieto Geothermal Energy Plant located in the Mexicali Valley is the world\\\'s second largest, according to the CFE, and has an installed production capacity of 720 megawatts, of which only generates 540 Megawatts.

Francisco Javier Orduño Valdez, director of the Energy Commission of Baja California, said that Cerro Prieto is in charge of the Federal Electricity Commission, a public company that is acquiring more land in the area for further exploration with drilling to increase their capacity.

This energy is transformed into electricity that is used in Baja California and when there is surplus, usually in autumn and winter, is exported to the United States. In summer, the CFE has to stock from Rosarito Thermoelectric to meet demand.

CFE also purchases energy to the power plant of La Rosita from the private enterprise Intergen, located in Mexicali, which is combined cycle (natural gas and used water) and has a capacity of 1100 Megawatts. transfer rumours

The state official noted that Baja California has potential for the production of geothermal, photovoltaic, solar thermal, digester (garbage and offal used to produce methane), hydro and combined cycle.

The State Energy Commission is a developer, manager and facilitator to attract investment to the state of Baja California. After the Energy Reform from President Enrique Peña Nieto, the secondary laws are now expected to open the market to the private sector, said Orduño Valdez.

With the operation of the National Energy Control Center (Cenace), as an autonomous organization, power generation will be administered throughout the country, once the market opens.


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