Bosch reaffirms its investment plans in Mexico

Mexico City - The German manufacturer Robert Bosch reaffirmed its commitment in investing in the country for the next four years. In 2014, 90 million dollars (MDD) shall be exercised in the country, said Rene Schlegel, president of Robert Bosch in the country.
The executive pinpointed that this amount is part of an investment program of 460 mod that the company announced last year for Mexico, a quantity that be earmarked for the period 2013-2017.
Schlegel said that last year a little more than 100 MDD was invested for the first heading, in training, product development and the expansion and modernization of plants in Toluca and Ciudad Juarez.
Sales of the signature in Mexico totaled 1.000 mod in 2013 and for this year a double-digit growth is expected.
Similarly, the production that the firm generates in eight plants, which are Mexicali, Hermosillo, Ciudad Juarez, Monterey, San Luis Potosi, Cuautitlan, Toluca and Aguascalientes, grew 15% in the last year.
Schlegel said that the components manufactured in Mexico have a level of local integration of 60% and have the objective to expand this percentage through the development of new local suppliers.
Bosch closed 2013 with 10 thousand employees, 21% more than 2012 and Schlegel foresees that for this year 1,500 other workers will join.