Baja California second place in permanent jobs

Baja California second place in permanent jobs

Mexicali, B.C. The Secretary of Economic Development explained that with an atmosphere of communication and exchange of information the evolution of the economy will be positive.

The strength of the competitive structure of Baja California and entrepreneurial dynamism has helped position the state in second place on the northern border in the creation of permanent jobs so far this year and has made substantial progress on the goal of job creations which is part of the follow up commitments announced by governor, Francisco Kiko Vega de Lamadrid, in the crusade for employment and economic growth.
The creation of permanent jobs is part of the core policy of the government headed by Vega de Lamadrid, because it credits the welfare of families and generates long-term stability, making the various existing programs encourage the creation and maintenance of formal enterprises or formalizing those outside the legal framework. foot live

In this regard, the Secretary of Economic Development, Carlo Bonfante Olache, said that Baja California has a goal of generating 38 thousand jobs by 2014, progress that will be measured by the issues emitted by the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS); reporting on February 13,152 jobs of which 9,480 are permanent formal jobs, most of them created by the industrial sector.

Considering the population size, Baja California ranks first nationally in generating 2.8 permanent jobs per thousand in 2014, positioning above the State of Queretaro with 2.3 jobs per thousand inhabitants, Nuevo Leon with 2, Aguascalientes 1.9, Tamaulipas 1.6, Coahuila 1.3, and Chihuahua with 0.9.


Siglo XXI Periódico Industrial. BC en segundo lugar en empleos permanentes.