Baja Government to give photovolatic panels to companies in Mexicali

By: Manufactura

MEXICALI - Baja California government presented the program \"Solarízate\", which will provide photovoltaic panels to 150 companies in Mexicali to take advantage of the electricity generation from renewable resources.

The program will have federal and state resources for 7.2MD, according to data from the entity.

Alfredo Babun Villarreal, Economic Development sub secretary, said the program will generate saving opportunities for companies that consume up to $10,000MXN of electricity. The program consists of a subsidy to purchase photovoltaic equipment with capacity of 2 kW and a value of $91,657MXN, which can palliate energy costs by up to 40%.

The financial support will be for $48,000MXN with funds from the Federal Government through the National Institute of Entrepreneurship and the State Government, through the SEDECO. This amount will be added to the company\'s co-inversion of $43.657MXN.

This cost could be covered through a financing given from SEDECO as part of the \"Emprende\" program, which provides a preferential interest rate of 6% on on-time payments and with a term of 24 months.

Francisco Javier Orduño, director of the Energy Commission State, said that a diagnosis of the energy efficiency will be done, consisting on the review of facilities, of domestic and industrial electrical equipment, wiring, refrigeration equipment and others, to make improvements and equipment replacement, to increase savings.

Translated from the original text in spanish:
Manufactura (2015). \"Darán paneles fotovoltaicos a empresas de Mexicali.\" Extracted on june 24, 2016 from