Mexicali Welcomes Barnes Aerospace

By: Siglo 21 Industrial Newspaper Editorial Staff

Mexicali, B.C.- Barnes Aerospace - American based company - with more than 34 years’ operating for the aerospace sector has rapidly grown due largely to the vision and commitment of their leaders. After several years of negotiation the path of Barnes Aerospace in Mexico begins with a plant in Mexicali, Baja California.

During the opening speech, project manager for Barnes Aerospace, Roy Krause, emphasized they spent years planning this project and thanks to the strong collaboration between the private sector in Mexicali and the government of Baja, they were able to start their new expansion project on December of 2015; four months later they concluded the first phase of the project.

Plant manager in Mexicali, Ricardo López thanked on behalf of Barnes and said that one of the characteristics that make them proud of being part of this company is its focus on people and their values: integrity, strength, emotional intelligence, collaboration, competitiveness, continuous improvement and globalization.

He said that one of the company’s focal point is the operating system Best, which seeks operational excellence through its principles of culture, alignment, continuous improvement and results.

He described that their main process in Mexicali will be the assembly of metal mechanic structures for the aerospace industry, special processes such as 5-axis cutting and welding, nondestructive tests; conventional processes such as polishing, painting, mechanical assembling and for the near future they plan to have roll forming and cold forming as well.

Barnes Aerospace has selected a 50,000 squared feet building, and has the open option for immediate development of an additional 12,000 squared feet and a second building if there’s a need for more room to expand.

The event was attended by John Menchetti, Vicepresident of manufacturing; Dan Berry, General Manager for fabrication as well as other local personalities.

For more information please contact Carlos Cordova, Executive Director of the Mexicali EDC: or (800) 952-8481

Translated from the original text in Spanish: Barnes Aerospace inaugura nueva planta en Mexicali. (2016). Retrieved from