The event main focus is composites material for the aerospace sector

By: Andrea Flores

Mexicali, the Capital of the State of Baja, is well known for its important industrial base. Having the first transnational company in all Mexico (Rockwell Collins, more than 50 years) Mexicali has lots of experience working with manufacturing companies from different countries. The biggest industries in Mexicali that continue to grow are the aerospace, automotive, medical devices, electronics and high tec. In the last few years, composites related processes have been expanding in Mexicali. Clear examples of this are UTC Aerospace Systems and Triumph Insulation Systems. Triumph Insulation Systems inaugurated their second plant late last year. Dedicated mainly to make insulation blankets for aircrafts, Triumph incorporated a second unit to manufacture aero components made out of composites. UTC followed and opened in early 2016 their second plant as well. The unit is dedicated only to manufacture composite bond acoustic panels.

As part of the attraction strategy, Mexicali EDC established contact with approximately 30 companies that fit a specific business profile and take advantage of the competitive advantages that the City offers. Companies such as Park Aerospace Technologies Corp. that has been around for more than 50 years, Zodiac Aerospace, that has a manufacturing plant already in the state of Baja California, and Dyplast, a Florida-based company that offers innovative pipe and equipment insulation solutions, to name a few, all showed interest in Mexico and all the benefits that Mexico and Mexicali have to offer.

Aside from the meetings scheduled with these companies, the Mexicali EDC had contact with different organizations such as the American Composites and Manufactures Association (ACMA) and Aerofied. ACMAN is the industry’s largest trade group in the world with around half-million employees, providing a forum for their members to come together and develop market opportunities. Aerofied, which has already had contact with the city of Mexicali in the past, has a goal of making it easier for the suppliers to connect and interact with each other in a faster and proactive environment. A Delegation of 10 to 15 companies headed by Aerofied is scheduled to visit Mexicali on October 18th and 19th in order to get a sense of the industrial base in the Mexicali.

The Mexicali EDC is a nonprofit organization devoted to promote Mexicali as an investment destination and help new companies with the soft landing process. Plant tours, business seminars with experts in different fields, information source are some of the standard services provided by the Mexicali EDC.
For more information please contact the Mexicali EDC directly at or 1 800 952 8481